Gerhard Hahn

Race Around Slovenia 2015
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Position:In da Aug !!!
Time: CET
Also big toes have the right to breathe fresh air Born some time ago in the Austrian "Wood Quater" sometime between stable work and television evening news.

Kindergarden was not visited because of the absence of public transport infrastructure.

I felt that nine years at school were absolutely enough for me.

It emerged that i should serve an apprenticeship as joiner.

My social service at the ambulance in Gross Gerungs awoke new perspectives.

After that I worked as sales agent for medical instruments.

My first bicyle
In New Zealand With the age of 22 I started a journey of 7 months to New Zealand, Australia und Indonesia.

Afterwards I made my living as school bus driver and farmer.

1999 I joined an operation for medical care and food supply in Cosovo.

Several journeys, creative works in music and painting, and high-performance sports supported my personal further development.

I completed a training course and made the diploma for masseur.

Training for medical emergency assistance at the ASBÖ, employed for the NEF Groß Gerungs.

Installing windows in California and Colorado ...

At the moment witness of time and pilgrim ...

In Cosovo
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