Gerhard Hahn

Race Around Slovenia 2015
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Position:In da Aug !!!
Time: CET
I was inspired by my elder sisters and brother, who showed me the easyness of travelling to other countries, and living there.

At the end of December 1994 I checked in my first flight ticket and started a journey to Auckland, without having any idea of what was awaiting me.

Since then wanderlust has appeared so often in my life ... Desire to experience the diversity of cultures and countries as close as possible.

New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia (1995)

Medical care and food supply in Cosovo (1999) (1999)

Australia (1999)

Trough South India by bicycle (2002)

Race Across America - USA (2003)

Cycling Training - Canary Islands, Mallorca (nearly every year, since 1998)

Race Across America - USA (2005)

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